New HyperChem Lite Licensing is Now Available

New dynamic flexiblle licensing is now available for HyperChem Lite, Release 3.0.1.  Available for download now.

HyperChem Lite 3.0.1 Evaluation

 New HyperChem 8.0.10 Release is Now Available

A new maintenance update of HyperChem 8.0 Professional is available for immediate download.

HyperChem 8.0.10 Evaluation

The Student version of HyperChem is also updated to stay in line with HyperChem Professional.

Release 4.0.5 of HyperChem for Mac

A new Mac product is available as a free manitenamce upgrade for Intel architectures (4.0). The new Release 4.0.5 fixes bugs and is especially targetted at the Snow Leopard (10.6) OS.  HyperChem for Mac 4.0 Evaluation.

New HyperChem for Linux 1.0 Release Now Available

This new product now means that HyperChem is available for all three major platforms - Windows, Mac, and Linux. Download a 10-day evaluation version and try it out. HyperChem for Linux 1.0.


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Linux HyperChem

HyperChem - a Personal Server!

The latest Release 8.0.10 of HyperChem for Windows can act as a Personal Server for iPhone, iPads. Read all about it here.

Dynamic Flexible Licensing

HyperChem Lite now uses a new innovative licensing scheme.  Purchase a license for a day, a month, a year at prices that start as low as $1.95.  Start with a free evaluation and then purchase a license for as long as you like, including a permanent license.  You never leave the product - just purchase more time using a credit card or a PayPal account. When your license runs out, HyperChem Lite will automatically transfer you to a web site where can purchase additional time and be returned to whatever you were doing before your license expired.  Download HyperChem Lite and try it out.
Facebook and Twitter

Hypercube is pleased to announce that it is now part of the social networking revolution that is Facebook and Twitter. Click here to visit our twitter page and to follow us, and click here to visit our facebook page and to become our fan.

Enjoy our New Look and Feel

Hypercube is pleased to introduce a new design for its web site.  Hopefully you will find it a considerable improvement.  We expect it will be easier for our customers and friends to both finds things and to interact more directly with us. Send comments to us if you find errors or have suggestions for further improvements. Since this new site is still somewhat under construction, we will keep our old site active for a short period of time.  It is available at 

HyperChem for Mac

Hypercube is pleased to announce a new release of its Mac Product.  It is Available free to existing customers of the 2006 Product.  The new release is HyperChem for Mac 2007. It is a rich product that was built from scratch for OSX and offers most of the features of our long-standing Windows product including some from the new Release 8 of the Windows product - as Undo, Rendering of POINT, LINE, and PLANE, and additions to the model builder. 
The current product is available for all Macs - either those based on the PowerPC processor that Apple has traditionally used or the new Intel Macs. These include the Mac mini, iMac, iBook, PowerBook, and Power Mac.

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