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HyperChem 7.52 Update Available - Wednesday, November 30, 2005
A free update to HyperChem 7.52 is now available for download. HyperChem 7.5 must be installed prior to running this update. 

Hypercube Receives Phase II Funding - Monday, July 5, 2004
Hypercube, Inc has received word from the National Institutes of Health that its grant application, “Evolutionary Analysis of Proteins Using HyperChem” has been funded. This grant is part of the small Business Technology Transfer Program (STTR) that jointly funds small business in concert with a research partner. Hypercube’s partner is the Foundation for Applied Molecular Evolution (FAMES), and its President, Dr. Eric Gaucher. The principal Investigator on the grant is Neil S. Ostlund, the President and CEO of Hypercube, Inc. The grant is for Phase II of the STTR program and is funded for two years for the total of $750,000. Earlier, Phase I of the same grant was funded for one year at $100,000. Phase I identified the feasibility of the proposed efforts. 

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