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HyperChem Release 7 Now Shipping

March 4, 2002

Gainesville, Florida  - Hypercube, Inc., developers of the popular PC based chemical molecular modeling package, HyperChemâ, today announced the release of its newest version of HyperChem Professional for Windows 98, NT, ME, 2000 and XP. 


HyperChem Release 7 introduces major enhancements in functionality for the popular research and educational software suite.  An important new capability in HyperChem Pro Release 7 is HyperDFT, a Density Functional Theory (DFT) package. DFT is a relatively new mathematical method for the quantum mechanical computation of the ground state properties of molecules and solids.  The 1998 Nobel Prize was awarded for fundamental work on Density Functional Theory.  HyperChem Pro Release 7 contains an extremely rich selection of density functionals and an easy to use interface that allows its users to perform accurate, state-of-the-art, molecular computations. HyperDFT provides reliable answers for molecular systems that are difficult to address using conventional ab initio methods.


Also incorporated into Release 7 is HyperNMR, a package that performs a priori quantum mechanical simulation of NMR spectra, and HyperChem Data, a molecular database product, each previously sold separately as modules.  In addition to other improvements, Release 7 includes a new very fast semi-empirical method, Typed Neglect of Differential Overlap (TNDO), parameterized for accurate general purpose computations.  


Pricing (in $US) for HyperChem Professional Release 7 remains $995 (Academic) and $1495 (Commercial).  Discounted pricing is available for upgrades from previous versions.  Please contact, visit our website, or call 1-800-960-1871 for more information.  


About HyperChem


HyperChem is an exceptionally powerful and easy to use desktop molecular modeling program. It is a popular and well-known molecular modeling solution for researchers, educators, and students alike.  It is prized for the ready access it provides to a wide range of computation and visualization methods.


About Hypercube, Inc.


Hypercube is a privately held scientific software company incorporated in 1985 in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Its principal offices are now in Gainesville, Florida.  Its principal product is HyperChem for Windows.  Other products include HyperChem Lite, a low cost subset of HyperChem, designed for students and molecular modeling beginners; and Pocket HyperChem, the first molecular modeling package designed to run on Windows CE devices.


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