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August 23, 1998

Boston, MA (ACS Conference) – Hypercube, Inc. announced that it have agreed to acquire and distribute several tutorials in computational chemistry, currently owned by Science Learning Ltd. The tutorials cover the use of HyperChem through theory and applications. They will be available for purchase from Hypercube, Inc. in both electronic and physical form, after their translation into English is completed. Series Editor of the tutorials is Tim Clark, Editor of the Journal of Molecular Modeling.


With the development of powerful molecular modeling packages like HyperChem, academic teaching relies more and more on software-facilitated education. The tutorials are a great tool for students to gain both an understanding of scientific principles and software expertise in HyperChem. Some of the topics covered by the Tutorials in Computational Chemistry are:

· Semi-empirical MO Calculations -Theory and Applications for HyperChem.

· Force Field Calculations - Theory and Applications for HyperChem.

· Ab Initio MO Calculations - Theory and Applications for HyperChem.

· Prediction of Spectroscopic Data - Theory and Applications for HyperChem.

· Modeling of Inorganic Compounds - Examples for HyperChem and MOMEC.



Hypercube, Inc. is a privately held scientific software company incorporated in 1985 and headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Their principal business location is in Gainesville, Florida. Hypercube's principal product is HyperChem, available on Intel platforms running Microsoft Windows 95/NT, DEC Alpha platforms running Windows NT and Silicon Graphics platforms. Other products include HyperChem Lite, an introductory version of HyperChem; ChemPlus, a set of extensions to HyperChem; and HyperNMR, a package that performs a priori quantum mechanical simulation of NMR spectra. Dr. Neil Ostlund is President and CEO of Hypercube, Inc.


HyperChem is a molecular modeling software product noted for its ease of use. It is a comprehensive desktop productivity tool for visualizing, analyzing and communicating information about molecular structures as well as for performing the calculations of computational chemistry. It is the leading molecular modeling software for the Microsoft Windows environment of IBM-compatible PCs.


The Science Learning Corporation, in cooperation with software developers, higher-education instructors and Ph.D. scientists, develops, manufactures, markets and sells software, books and tutorials for science education.


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