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August 23, 1998

Boston, MA (ACS Conference) – Hypercube, Inc., developer of the popular molecular modeling package HyperChem, and Q-Chem, Inc., developer of the electronic structure molecular modeling program named Q-Chem, announced that they have agreed to form a strategic alliance. The object of this alliance is for Hypercube, Inc. to port UNIX based Q-Chem to Windows NT running on Intel-based processors. Q-Chem has previously been united with HyperChem’s graphical user interface (GUI) for Silicon Graphics platforms through HyperChem’s Chemist’s Development Kit (CDK). The current agreement creates a basis for a closer integration between the two packages, the net result of which will be a vast number of researchers using PCs having access to the powerful ab initio methods of Q-Chem, while the GUI is handled by HyperChem. The open architecture of HyperChem allows for seamless integration of other chemical software programs like Q-Chem, and impeccable graphic display of models and results.


Q-Chem is an integrated ab initio quantum chemistry software package, which greatly improves the speed and accuracy of calculations, while accommodating far larger molecular structures than ever before possible. By solving theoretical problems far faster than other programs and with no loss in accuracy, Q-Chem allows researchers to quickly and accurately analyze molecules of several hundred atoms, bringing the power of quantum chemistry to critical research projects for which this tool was previously unavailable.


The Q-Chem program exploits the latest developments in computer science by adopting an Object Oriented approach to program design, which allows developers to rapidly implement new methodologies with ease and reduce program code redundancy. Q-Chem's enhanced functionality will be further increased by adding the powerful modeling features of HyperChem, which will allow for fast creation of molecular structures to be used as input data, and graphical interpretation of Q-Chem's results.


Bringing to the PC world the wide variety of advanced electronic structure computational methods and the tools that Q-Chem offers, is a step which Hypercube, Inc. takes with confidence. Most of the principal products of Hypercube, (HyperChem, HyperChem Lite, HyperNMR) are Microsoft Windows 95 and NT based, and the company has broad experience in implementing software on those platforms. The new alliance will bring to the computational chemistry world a unique new product combining the powerful methods of Q-Chem and the ease of use, which Hypercube products are known for.


The target date for the new product is the Spring ‘99 ACS meeting in Anaheim, CA, March 22 – 24, 1999.





Hypercube, Inc. is a privately held scientific software company incorporated in 1985 and headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Their principal business location is now in Gainesville, Florida. Hypercube’s principal product is HyperChem for Intel-based PCs running Microsoft Windows 95 or NT and machines from Silicon Graphics, Inc. Other products include HyperChem Lite, an introductory version of HyperChem; ChemPlus, a set of extensions to HyperChem; and HyperNMR, a package that performs a priori quantum mechanical simulation of NMR spectra.


HyperChem is a molecular modeling software product noted for its ease of use. It is a comprehensive desktop productivity tool for visualizing, analyzing and communicating information about molecular structures as well as for performing the calculations of computational chemistry. It is the leading molecular modeling software for the Microsoft Windows environment of IBM-compatible PCs.


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