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Hypercube Announces Upcoming Release 7.5 of  HyperChem using Advanced OpenGL Graphics

September 8, 2003

NewYork, NY - At the National Meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS) today, Hypercube, Inc. announced a new Release 7.5 of its popular HyperChem molecular modeling software for Windows.  The product is being shown off to attendees of the ACS meeting and is expected to ship to customers within 30 days (by October 1, 2003).


The new product is a significant step for Hypercube, Inc. in that the new product replaces all of HyperChem’s legacy molecular graphics with full OpenGL 3D graphics.  HyperChem, the first molecular modeling product for Microsoft Windows, essentially introduced 3D molecular graphics on the PC in 1988.  It has delayed until now, however, a full move to commercial 3D graphics libraries such as OpenGL.  Using commercial 3D libraries rather than its in-house 3D graphics has allowed Hypercube, Inc. to implement advanced rendering in its new release 7.5.  As well, it gives Hypercube a standard for its molecular renderings that can be easily moved in the future to other platforms such as Linux or Apple computers.


The new release of HyperChem contains a considerable enhancement of the products ability to deal with protein and biomolecular structures. Release 7.5, for example, automatically extracts secondary structure information from Protein Data Bank files and renders proteins with a variety of new OpenGL renderings of these secondary structures – cylinders, ribbons, sheets, coils, etc.  “We wouldn’t have been able to develop all these elaborate new renderings of protein structure if we hadn’t moved to OpenGL, indicated Dr. Neil S. Ostlund, the CEO and President of Hypercube, Inc.  “OpenGL has allowed us to bring our product to the full state-of-the-art in terms of its graphics as well as give us a desirable graphics platform for future enhancements”.


HyperChem 7.5, which will be sold directly as well as through Hypercube’s traditional dealer channel, is scheduled to ship to dealers and customers by October 1, 2003.  The product is priced at $995, academic or government, and $1495, commercial, the same price as its predecessor, Release 7.1.  Update pricing is available to existing customers.


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