New Site Licensing For HyperChem


Site Licensing - Hypercube, Inc. is introducing new Site Licensing for Universities and Colleges.  The new site licenses allow essentially unlimited access for all students and professors on a school campus.

The new site licensing has three forms:

  • Department License (Class C - licenses for all 256 IP addresses in the range X.Y.Z.*)
  • Campus License (Class B - licenses for all 64,000 IP addresses in the range X.Y.*.*)
  • Protected Campus License (unlimited licenses using secure local campus IT licensing scheme)

Any of these three may be generically referred to as site licensing in what follows.

The first two above are licensed by HyperChem checking for restricted IP addresses.  Any computer capable of running HyperChem should be connected to a network and have a local IP address in the appropriate range.  No traversal of the network is necessary to obtain a license.  It is simply the local IP address of the machine running HyperChem that is relevant quantity.  This scheme requires a specific IP address and HyperChem will not run on computers that are not connected to the campus network, such as disconnected laptops, machines at home connected to a different network, etc.  HyperChem will, however, run on any computer connected to the campus network.  In the Department case, the IP address is restricted to 256 values associated with a Class C network where the last digit of the IP address can be any of 256 values.  With a Campus license, the IP address should be one of 64K different addresses associated with a Class B network.  Most universities have all their IP addresses associate with the same Class B network.

A Protected Campus License will involve giving the university or college an unlicensed copy of HyperChem, which must then be protected by a local campus-wide network licensing scheme.  Colleges and IT departments which do not have their own licensing scheme are not eligible for this license.  However, many colleges prefer to protect software with their own licensing scheme.  This last scheme may be the most flexible and beneficial to a school that already has a licensing scheme in place for other software.  HyperChem can then fit into this methodology.  Hypercube will be willing to trust a school to license HyperChem properly, provided it agrees to do so and has in place an appropriate licensing scheme.  Contact us about your using your own protection mechanism.

Hypercube's traditional and existing "floating network licensing" scheme that allows N licenses (at a time) using a networked license server is still available to those that wish to use such a scheme.  It is more restrictive and prone to technical licensing difficulties than the new site licensing.  However, it allows the number of purchased licenses, N, to be small such that it may be economical in certain cases. 

Classes of Colleges and Universities - the cost of these site licenses is sensitive to the size of the organization.  Three sizes are distinguished:

  • Small College - less than 10,000 students - denoted as S below
  • Medium College or University - less than 25,000 students - denoted as M below
  • Large College or University - more than 25,000 students - denoted as L below

Annual or Permanent License - a purchase of a site license can be done on an annual (yearly) basis (measured from date of delivery) or as a permanent license.  The annual licenses are priced at approximately 1/3 that of a permanent license.  Annual licenses guarantee free upgrades when a new Release of HyperChem becomes available.  Permanent licenses capture a snapshot of the current version of HyperChem.  No further licensing fees are required for a permanent site license.  However, permanent licenses are not upgraded free of charge if a new release of HyperChem becomes available.  The upgrade fee will depend upon the degree of difference any new release of HyperChem and the existing site license.  An optional annual upgrade fee of 10% of the purchase price of a permanent site license will guarantee new releases are passed on to schools with permanent licenses as the upgrades become available.  Alternatively, schools may purchase an upgrade when and if they desire to do so at the then existing price.

Student Edition - a purchase of one of the following site licenses allows the students at the school to purchase the Student Edition of HyperChem at a reduced rate.  The price of the student edition is regularly $89.  The reduced rate for a student owning uis own personal copy of the student edition of HyperChem is $49 for Department Licensees and $39 for Campus Licensees.

Standalone Professional Edition - a purchase of one of the following site licenses allows the students or professors at the school to purchase the Professional Edition of HyperChem at a reduced rate.  The price of the professional edition is regularly $995.  The reduced rate for a student or professor wishing to own their own personal copy of the Professional Version of HyperChem is $595 for Department Licensees and $495 for Campus Licensees

Windows, Mac, and Linux - initially site licenses were restricted to the Windows version of Professional HyperChem.  Recently, with the availabilty of new Mac and Linux versions of HyperChem a site licensee can obtain copies of all three for the same investment. Schools can mix and match any of the three versions.  No more limitation of choice  Satisfy everybody!

High Schools - high schools can purchase any of the following site licenses at a 50% discount.

Government and Commercial Site Licenses - government licenses for HyperChem have traditionally been the same price as academic licenses.  Commercial license traditionally require a premium of 50% over academic licenses.  Ask for a quote for your organization.

Prices - the first price quoted below is for an annual license while the value in parenthesis is for a permanent license.  Please contact Hypercube, Inc. or one of our dealers for pricing on the Protected Campus License.

College                Department                   Campus

S                           $1.5K ($5K)                   $2.5K ($7.5K)          

M                          $2.5K ($7.5K)                $3.5K ($10K)         

L                           $3.5K ($10K)                 $5K ($15K)          


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