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Chemistry Sites

NIH Molecular Modeling Home Page


Softshell Online

Molecular Simulations Inc.

Schrodinger, Inc.

Resource Archives

Molecules R Us . . . Form for PDB Query

Other Sites of Interest

Science: Chemistry (on Yahoo)

The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Chemistry


Published quarterly, HyperNews provides a forum for the exchange of information on all aspects of computational chemistry.



Chemical Education WWW Sites

Chemical Education Resource Shelf

This on-line source of the Journal of Chemical Education's Book Buyer's Guide includes an expanded list of software publishers and new Lab Demonstrations, Chromatography, and Safety categories.

JCE Software

Educational software, videotape, CD-ROM and videodisc resources. A part of the Journal of Chemical Education.

ACS ChemCenter

Visit the home page for access to the on-line resources of the American Chemical Society, with meeting and conference information, on-line publications, professional services, and scientific databases. The Education Center contains information on education programs and other resources.

NIH Center for Molecular Modeling

This site provides valuable information and links for research and educational uses of molecular modeling, and is particularly strong with respect to biologically relevant molecular modeling resources.

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