HyperChem Developer program


HyperChem's Registered Developer program provides information, services, and support to assist commercial developers who produce applications for use with HyperChem or other Hypercube products. Whether you are interested in becoming a registered developer or are just looking for more information, we encourage you to read the introductory information here and contact us with any remaining questions.

The objectives of the developer program are:

  • Keep the HyperChem developer well informed about Hypercube's direction, both technically and as a company.
  • Assist the HyperChem developer in being technically cognizant of the Open Architecture possibilities that HyperChem provides.
  • Develop and manage general support programs to provide HyperChem Developers with access to key marketing, sales, and development resources.
  • Deliver pre-release software to HyperChem developers so that they may ensure that their applications remain compatible with HyperChem.
  • Promote and inform Hypercube's end-user and dealer base of the vertical market solutions available for use with the HyperChem family of products.

Among the benefits of participating in the HyperChem Registered Developer Program are:

  • Development software, upgrades, and developer technical support.
  • Product listing in selected publications and dealer updates.
  • Eligibility for participation with Hypercube at major trade shows.
  • International exposure through Hypercube's worldwide network of dealers.

We are committed to the success of our Developer Program.

If you are interested in Hyperchem Developer program, please contact us.
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