Tutorials to Help with 8.0


We are excited to announce that the HyperChem now includes over 200 megabytes of audiovisual tutorials. These tutorials are intended to help the new user become acclimated to HyperChem, as well as to provide training in some of the advanced features of HyperChem that the seasoned user may have yet to discover.


The richness and depth of HyperChem assures that the average user may continue to discover additional features and capabilities long after initial introduction to the program. A few tutorials are available for download on this page. The full version of the tutorials is included in the purchased product.



Introduction to the Tutorials.



This tutorial describes the aspects of rendering available in HyperChem.



This tutorial describes the basics of obtaining ray-traced images in HyperChem


Search Database

This tutorial will show how to query a database of molecules for use within HyperChem



This tutorial describes the vibrational analysis of the water molecules.
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