Mac Owners HyperChem Support Page


You are using Release 4.0 of HyperChem for Mac and this is the Support Page specifically for this product.





1.  Installation may require Read/Write permissions on a pre-existing /Applications/HyperChem folder.


2.  Serial numbers always start with 64...  for the Intel product.  You may see a 63... in the About Box if you look at it before you have obtained a license.  This is the remnants of an older chem.ini file that will be replaced as soon as you license your Release 4.0 product and execute it.


3.  There are problems when using the Charmm22 and Charmm27 parameter sets.  This is fixed in Release 4.0.5.  No work around is available when using these parameter sets except to upgrade to 4.0.5.

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