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You are using Release 8.0 of HyperChem for Windows and this is the Support Page specifically for this product.




1.  For some graphics cards and/or drivers NURBS (non-uniform ration B-splines) seem not to  function and hence the display of thick and thin ribbons (the default for beta sheets and turns) is faulty.  The only way we have been able to fix this is to use a different graphics card.  Nvidia seem generally better than ATI.


2. Creating double standed DNA by clicking on the nucleic acid components in the dialog box crashes with Vista and Windows 7 but not with Windows XP.  Single stranded DNA works fine.  This problem is fixed and the fix will appear in 8.0.10.


FIXES and CHANGES to 8.0.8 in 8.0.9
1.  Fix to an error that cropped up in copying screen images to the clipboard.
2.  Addition of functionality for iPad interaction with Personal Server.
3.  Update for third-party applications and scripting
4.  New and Updated On-line Help.
5.  Fixed TNDO display of vibrational symmetries.
6.  Fix of PM3 beta-p parameter for Tungsten.
7.  Error in reporting MP2 gradient for HyperGauss fixed.
8.  HyperGauss Transition State Search improved (was having trouble opening integral file).
9.  Error in HCCrystal module when "Edit Atom Data" called and Put operation failed is fixed.
10. HTMLHelp(*.CHM) files as alternative to older WinHelp for HCData, HCNMR, and HCCrystal.
11. New HSV header file for CDK requiring new compilation for programs using HAPI.

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