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You are using the iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad version of Mobile HyperChem and this is the Support Page specifically for this product.


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Executing Scripts:

To execute scripts on a Mobile Client such as the iPad,  one must first set up the HyperChem Server.

1. As shown below, bring up the Setup/Network Dialog box of HyperChem

2. The IP address that you must enter on the Mobile Client is displayed for you, e.g.

3. Make sure the Check Box, "Act as a Server for Mobile Client" is checked.

4. Choose any Server ID and Server Password that you like.  The Mobile Client must use only this Server ID and Password. They are saved in the registry between invocations of HyperChem.

5. If you want any HyperChem script to be executable from the Mobile Client, make sure the Check Box, "Allow Mobile Server Modifications", is checked.  If it is unchecked, only scripts that turn on and off logging and the scripts do-single-point, do-optimization, and do-vibrational-analysis can be executed.

6. Whether the computation finally occurs on the Host Workstation or a Remote Back End is independent of the Mobile Client (iPhone, iPad) interaction.

7. On the Mobile Client is is probably wise to experiment with simple scripts in the presence of the HyperChem Server, to begin with.  This will make sure everything is working correctly.  For example the very simple script "window-color yellow" will be obvious as it turns the HyperChem screen yellow.

Picture of iPad Server Dialog Box
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