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New Web Domain - Friday, May 7, 2021
Hypercube, Inc. and HyperChem have a new domain.  The old domain was hyper.com.  This domain is no longer appropriate or usable as we have adopted a new domain for the company. Please discontinue using hyper.com and replace it with HypercubeUSA.com.

The new domain is HypercubeUSA.com.  This will be the new home of Hypercube and HyperChem, HyperProtein, etc. While email addresses like sales@hyper.com will still be active for a short period, we ask all customers to shift to sales@HypercubeUSA.com, license@HypercubeUSA.com, etc. We hope this new domain represents as good or even a better domain for Hypercube, Inc. and its various products.

The company, Hypercube, Inc. has not fundamentally changed nor have its products. We appreciate your business and hope to be an even better company at this new address.


New Release 8.0.10 of HyperChem for Windows Available - Tuesday, November 29, 2011


A free maintenance Release 8.0.10 of HyperChem for Windows is now available for download.

The new functionality in this release consists of an ability with Configuration Interaction calculations to do doubly-excited CI (DCI) or doubly-excited plus singly-excited CI (SDCI) in addition to the usual singly-excited CI.  This new capability is only available for Ab Initio calculations.  It is done using only main memory so very large DCI calculations may not be practical.

In addition,  new parameters (Perez et al, Biophysical Journal, 92, 3817-29) for nucleic acids are available for the Amber94, Amber96, and Amber99 parameters sets of molecular mechanics.  These new values are used when the traditional atom type CT for the C5' atom in a DNA or RNA linkage is replaced by a new atom type, CI.

A bug for Windows 7 and Vista but not XP that occurred when creating double standed DNA from monomer nucleic acids has also been fixed in 8.0.10.   


Revised Utility Snap2Text.exe has been posted - Monday, May 9, 2011


The Snap2Text utility (Windows only) has been updated to correspond to HyperChem for Windows 8.0.9 and later.  This utility converts molecular dynamics snapshot files from binary to text.  Because HyperChem data structures have changed along the years, it can only be guaranteed that the utility will read current snapshot files and those of future versions of HyperChem for Windows. 

The download includes all the source files necessary for compilation under Visual Studio 2010 and hence could be used (with difficulty?) for Mac and Linux.


New Release 4.0.5 of HyperChem for Mac, 2011 is Available - Monday, May 9, 2011


A free maintenance Release 4.0.5 of HyperChem for Mac is now available.

The principal new functionality is the addition of significant new Help.  The additional Help Engine is most useful for describing Menus, Dialog Boxes, etc.  Also, know bugs have been addressed in theis latest release. 


New Release 8.0.9 of HyperChem for Windows Available - Friday, April 1, 2011


A free maintenance Release 8.0.9 of HyperChem for Windows is now available.

The principal new functionality of this release is its ability to act as a Personal Server (PS) for iPhones, iPods, and iPads.  The Network dialog box has been enhanced to display the current IP to be used by the mobile device as well as the allowing the PS user to enter a login ID and Password to be used by the mobile device. In addition, the dislog allows the PS user to restrict the scripts that can be executed by the mobile device.  This allows the PS user to set up educational experiments for students with mobile devices.

In addition, a number of bugs have been fixed as listed in the support page for this particular product.


Mobile HyperChem for the iPhone , iPod, and iPad are now available. - Monday, March 28, 2011


Two new Apps, called Mobile HyperChem Free and Mobile HyperChem Level 1 are available for the mobile devices - iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.  These apps are now available at the Apple App Store. 

Mobile HyperChem Free allows you to draw, create, and save molecules on the device and manipulate them with the usual HyperChem tools such as Select, Rotate, Translate, etc.

Mobile HyperChem Level 1, in addition, allows you to interact over the internet with a copy of HyperChem for Windows to transfer molecules back and forth, perform calculations and retrieve results to display on the mobile device.  HyperChem for Windows acts as a Personal Server (PS) for the mobile device.  It is a PS in the sense that only one device at a time can be interacting and logged in to the server (HyperChem).  The version of HyperChem that can act as a PS must be HyperChem Release 8.0.9 or later.  The Mac and Linux versions of HyperChem cannot act as Personal Servers at this time.   The Level 1 version of Mobile HyperChem is priced at $9.95. 


HyperChem 1.0 for Linux Release - Monday, April 19, 2010

New HyperChem for Linux 1.0 Release Now Available. The Linux version of HyperChem is now available. Get 10% off until July 1.

This new product now means that HyperChem is available for all three major platforms - Windows, Mac, and Linux. Download a 10-day evaluation version and try it out. HyperChem for Linux 1.0 

HyperChem 4.0 for Mac Released - Monday, April 19, 2010

New Release 4.0 of HyperChem for Mac.

A new Mac product is available for Intel architectures only. The new Release 4.0 adds many new features.  Upgrade for only $195.HyperChem for fo Mac 4.0 Evaluation.


New BETA III HyperChem for Linux Release Now Available - Friday, February 5, 2010

A new BETA update of HyperChem for Linux is now available. 

This new release adds functionality to the Linux version as well as making a few corrections to BETA II. Please download this version and give us feedback on your experience. HyperChem for Linux BETA III 

New HyperChem 8.0.8 Release Now Available - Monday, January 11, 2010

A new maintenance update of HyperChem 8.0 Professional is now available.

This new release is fully Vista and Windows 7 complient and includes changes to Ray Tracing, HyperNMR, and Licensing to accomodate 64-bit versions of Windows. It also includes new client-server options for remote Linux backends

HyperChem 8.0.7 Professional and Student Available - Monday, November 23, 2009

A new Release of HyperChem (both Professional and Student) are available for download. The new release fixes a few bugs but is principally issued to be compatible with Windows 7 and 64-bit versions of Windows. In addition, it includes a new client-server capability that allows the Windows product to farm out computations to Linux servers. It also includes a new interface to Mopac compatible with Mopac2009. 

New Release 3.3 of HyperChem for Mac - Friday, July 31, 2009

A free maintainance upgrade is available for download for both PPC and Intel architectures. The new release fixes known bugs and adds import and export capabilities for exchanging data with other versions of HyperChem as well as third-party programs.  

HyperProtein Release 1.0 Now Shipping - Monday, November 17, 2008

The latest product from Hypercube, Inc. is now available in its final Release 1.0 form.

Our new product combining bioinformatics and molecular modeling is here! HyperProtein has a multi-window, multi-functional, project, and GUI approach to protein sequences. It creates multi-sequence alignments, phylogenetic trees and models molecular evolution. It enables studies of the relationship between protein sequence and protein structure. 

New releases of HyperChem Lite and the Student Edition of HyperChem are now available - Monday, November 12, 2007

These new releases correspond to the functionality of the Professional Release 8.0 product. The Student Edition has all the features of Release 8 with the usual restrictions on the number of atoms.

HyperChem Lite has updated additions to the model builder but remains a subset of HyperChem that is "lite" in its computational and macromolecule capabilities but not its rendering capabilities. 

Hypercube News Article - Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Read what the local newspaper say about our CEO. 

New Site Licensing - Saturday, September 1, 2007

Starting September 1, 2007, Hypercube, Inc. introduces new attractive Site Licensing

Designed mainly for colleges and universities, these site licenses allow unlimited copies of HyperChem to reside on a campus network.  Licensing is simple and universal.  HyperChem can be made available to every student and faculty member.  Pricing is aggressive.  Annual or Permanent licenses can be purchased.  Call us to discuss your school. 

Hypercube decides to no longer exhibit at American Chemical Society. - Friday, August 17, 2007

Hypercube, Inc has decided that it will send its scientists to ACS shows but no longer have a booth at the exhibition.  We encourage other software companies to make the same decision.  For the reasons, click here

Update to Gaussian Interface for HyperChem 8 - Friday, June 22, 2007

A new interface to Gaussian  for HyperChem 8 is now available.  This interface is much improved over the previous version although a problem with Vista remains.  As far as we know, it works fine with Windows XP. 

Release 8.0.3 Now Available - Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A new download of HyperChem 8 is now available.  It is Maintenance Release 8.0.3.  If you have an earlier release of 8, just uninstall it (your files and license will remain in place) and install the new download.  The new 8.0.3 fixes a number of problems, particularly involved with the named selections, FIXEDATOMS and MECHANICALATOMS, that are new to Release 8.  

HyperChem 8 is Now Shipping - Friday, May 18, 2007

Hypercube's newest release of HyperChem is now shipping.  HyperChem 8 Professional (Windows) contains many new features and continues Hypercube's history of elegant molecular modeling products.  The official release number is 8.0.2 and an evaluation copy can be downloaded from this site.  read more ...

Hypercube Inc.'s New Web Site - Thursday, May 17, 2007
Hypercube is pleased to introduce a new design for its web site.  Hopefully you will find it a considerable improvement.  We expect it will be easier for our customers and friends to both finds things and to interact more directly with us.

Send comments to us if you find errors or have suggestions for further improvements.

Since this new site is still somewhat under construction, we will keep our old site active for a short period of time.  It is available at http://www.computationalchemistry.com/

New Windows Mobile 5.0 Version of Pocket HyperChem - Monday, September 18, 2006

Pocket HyperChem is now available for Pocket PCs running Windows Mobile 5.0 as well as those running Pocket PC 2003 SE (Second Edition). The Mobile 5.0 version is a new port but is essentially identical to previous verisons of Pocket HyperChem. It is still at the great price of only $99. Just make sure at the time of purchase you let us know if your device is a 2003 SE or Mobile 5.0 device. 

Edit HyperChem for Intel Mac Released - Friday, September 15, 2006

Hypercube is proud to introduce the newest member of our HyperChem Family. The Intel Mac is much faster than a Power PC Mac and our native version of HyperChemf for these machines is now available. 

Intel Mac Released - Monday, August 21, 2006

Hypercube is proud to introduct the newest member of our HyperChem Family, HyperChem for the Intel Mac. While HyperChem has been a predominantly PC and windows program, we are pround to have a fully-native intel version for the new Apple machines using Intel Processors. Just like the PowerPC version, this product has fast and beautiful graphics that are an ideal desktop for HyperChem. The Intel Macs are considerably faster than the older Power PC machines. For example, we find that ab initio 6-31g** calculations running "off the disk" are about 3 times faster on a new iMac compared to the older G4 iMac. Semi-empirical calculations, running out of memory, are even faster - up to an order of magnitude faster in going from the G4 iMac to the Intel Mac.

This version of HyperChem has all the features of the Windows version except the the external modules such as HyperNMR, HyperData, etc. These will be passed to the customers as soon as they are finished. 

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